Our massages

Indian magic - Namaste - we are sensual, tender, young women, with long dark hair, we love to give security and proximity. Enjoy a wonderful feel-good experience, and give you your "boundless ecstasy" towards. We want you as caressed by sunrays warmed and carried by the wind feel. Let yourself be pampered, flying with every touch on the Indian carpet and your energies flow; You eroticise with sensual massage. Simple breathing techniques and timely strikeouts flows through your entire energy your body and you'll glide on the waves of your desire.

Let yourself go, you surrender to your dreams.

Enjoy that your skin, touches on every centimeter of your body, caressed and nurtured.

Relax, and in every cell of your body, and you location is in the here and now. Send continue what you preparing at this moment, and grief is omnipresent. Let go of it, and just let it go. Only you're there - which is now important. We would like to invite you to feel us and you, in your deepest sensuality and sensitivity.

You'll look and know and love your body in a different way - which will enrich your love life very private. - Surrounded by the deepest sensuality and ecstasy. Feel held you, safe and enjoy every touch, with feathers, pelts and our wonderful tender hands.

We look forward to you!

Our offer is not

 GV, AV, OV or similar reciprocal action.